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Punyupuri XX Yami Maid

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Punyupuri XX Yami Maid

Gothic Style Hentai Flash Movie

You can find the game here:

Vague Game Description by White Masq:

This is the only other Punyupuri game (other than Punyupuri EX) that actually attempts a true narrative to go along with the semi-interactive H-scenes/movies. In this dark, gothic tale: a young woman is being scent via carriage to be another maid for a manor. Suddenly her carriage was attacked by what looks like ghouls or zombies. She begins to run, but soon faints. She awakes within the mansion, and is swiftly shown around the premises. If she knew about the disposition of the people she was working for, she probably wouldn't have taken the job!


After playing the previous four games in the Punyupuri series the Tinkle Bell

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Does anyone know what the melody at the end is, just before the credits?

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