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Vague Game Description by White Masq

Within the first decade of the 21st century mankind has made contact with an alien power. Then the alien power thought that they could run things better; so they swiftly occupied the entire planet--destroying all but the last of humanities defenses. In a gesture of peace, the aliens offer that we send them one of us to negotiate terms and come to an understanding with them. They do have one request along with that; effectively saying that the envoy has to be a male. What do the aliens want, and why do they seek only men?

"Shut the Hell Up, WM, and Show Me the Keywords": Sci Fi, Alien-Girl, Tentacle, Uniform, Comedy





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hey DM ive got a problem when i open the launcher it gives me 4 buttons to pick ones a directx , ones the close button but idk what the other 2 do.

ive tried almost everything i can think of but nothing happens when i click them

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