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AGA A-GA (エーガ) ~激動の惑星~

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Does anyone one else have a problem viewing the movie scenes in the game? Because I get a black screen of death with the sounds still there. Ive tried reinstalling and it still wont show, maybe my computer is being retarded. :S

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As he said use Winace or anything that actually supports that file type. You will get those "file is corrupt" messages when you try to extract certain file types that the zip program does not support.

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OK, this game looks great (like an illusion game :P ) but I'm having a problem with my ATI graphic cards.... the CG's run very very slow.. and my card isn't too old... i think it can be a configuration in Catalyst Control Center, but when i had the game installed, I didn't noticed about the configurations of this program... Anyone get this same error and found something to fix? I don't want to download the game again, and not be able to see the videos.

Thank You in advance

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