AGA A-GA (エーガ) ~激動の惑星~

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I did some looking around to try and solve the issue with video not playing. I didn't find much but there was one thing that I'm not able to test myself:

Apparently there's a problem people have with getting sound, but not video on WMP 11, but the same video will work fine if they use Windows Media *Center*. If anyone has WMC, try setting that as your default player and see if it works.

Lastly, though it has been hinted at before, I strongly believe the main problem is the exact video card/drivers people have. I tried the game before and the videos were really choppy and slow, but after upgrading my video card I'm now getting the sound but no video issue (though technically there IS some video, but it freezes on the first frame).

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are you guys kiddin'? those f***ing extras are censored!

that was one of the reasons i downloaded it

that really pisses me off

DM! please do something about it! :angry2:

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I'm a fan of you, DM! I've been a diehard Hshare fan ever since the Love Fetish series, I just now decided to make an account... yes I'm a nerd...

This is actually my third time playing this game, but I've never had a problem with the video not running in game...

And to answer that question about a No dvd crack: There is one floating around the internet somewhere, but I didn't find it here, so I don't use it.... so you may have to bite the bullet and lose the HD space....

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I fixed the problem with the No Video error me and 2 of my friends were having. We traced it back to the videocard driver configuration. The solution is to go into the AGA folder under the DATA folder in the illusion directory and open all those files into a video player like VLC.

This will play the videos but without sound. So the better option is save yourself some space and run the videos off the disk after you mount it and not install. OR you could run the program in a window with VLC in the backround and try to sync the audio.... But compared to more modern hentai games like AG3 and sexy beach the graphics are not really worth it.

Personally I rate it a low 3 out of 10 for a 3d hentai game. I don't know why you guys like it so much, Umemaro makes far higher quality stuff.

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I had put this in the old thread but it seemed to have disappeared.

Anyone (like me) who has the hurky jerky videos that jerk along probably needs to dl the one of the patches from the support page

and from the A002 section dl the necessary patch from the 2 short links (for me with a radeon video card it was the 2nd one)

this should fix the hurky jerky videos but ONLY in window mode (choose the right option of the radio buttons just below your video card choice) it doesn't do anything in full screen mode

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ey do anyone know the piano code ey? XD

i know what they are saying but i cant read it >.> so im kinda screwed there unless i just press some random notes

i know the first code and its ????????

but i cant make out that second code =/

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As he said use Winace or anything that actually supports that file type. You will get those "file is corrupt" messages when you try to extract certain file types that the zip program does not support.

Mmm... pretty weird... i used winrar to open the [H-S].AGA.Game.Save.DeathMarine.ace and [H-S].AGA.No.Panties.Patch.DeathMarine.ace files. No error but I tried to open the main file but got the error message... weird... anyway will try out the winace and see if it works.

Thanks for the great game DM. :)

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