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デュエルセイヴァー ジャスティス 初回版

Vague Game Description by White Masq

I believe this is an upgrade of the original Duel Savior. The main difference is that there’s a new harem route. In any case, the plot revolves around an ancient prophesy and how two bumbling students open an old tome and are transported to a world much similar to Medieval Europe. Now the two classmates are viewed as the potential saviors of this strange land and must fulfill their destiny. You play as the male student who was transported (mainly because there seems to be an aversion for a female protagonist unless it’s an Otome game ; ). If you haven’t guessed it, it’s a play on words for Duel and Dual…But could they be that clever? ^_-

"Shut the Hell Up, WM, and Show Me the Keywords": Fantasy, Side-Scroller (?), Tentacles, Harem






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hm.....this one really looks good...thanks a bunch DM.....ill seed it after i have finished downloading it...

from the pictures...i "think" this one is a RPG not really sure...but i think so...anyways


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Wow, i've been looking for this game, GIGA games always had really beautiful art, its from the same artists from the Xross and baldr games. If you love this, you should also try some of the other GIGA games, they have some great cgs.

Thanks alot DM, This one is gonna last me a while thats for sure

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k, switched. 2x as fast as the other torrent ^_^

Edit: How are some people downloading 300-1000kb/sec? Mine can only download 100kb/sec. =/


Premium broadband service.

Port forwarding.

Upload set to roughly 80-85% of total limit.

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This looks dark enough to fit my tastes, let's hope it's not just a VN game.

Thank you DM for your ever continuing dedication to freedom of information.

*edit* OH SNAP! Posted in the wrong thread, was looking at the "Song of Saya" (or "Saya no uta" for you pure English speaking types) game. Sorry DM. I will be downloading and seeding them both anyhow.

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