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hm......this one really looks good....TENTACLES stuff... :blink:

is this related somehow to the h-movie Blood Royale?

one thing is for sure...from the pictures...THIS IS WAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY beyond that of the movie... :P

oh...and you got part 1 and 2 also...NICE NICE!!

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Ran into a slight problem running this, I installed and played Blood Royale and Exile fine, but when I get to KYRIE (the biggest game); The game window closes as soon as I start it up regardless of whether I use Applocale.

They generated a Kyrie.txt and it lists my computer config and at the end of that file, it says "Font not found!"

How can this be?

So sorry to be asking for help over here.

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do you have japanese support?

Yeap I do have Japanese?Suppo??. Infact ???????Albert???

I have installed and played quite a few other games from this site. Not too sure why just this title is having some problems.

Oh by the way, I went to the Tokyo winter comiket?that just passed and it was AWESOME. haha?I'm a real fan and I even bought some originals to support the industry. Just wished I had more money to buy them all.

Hmm I think I solved the problem, apparently it's because I missed a step on the regional language settings on this new computer. Sorry for the post.

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