Artificial Girl 3 Plus 人工少女3 はんなり

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There's a post showing how change your system to japanese on the help section,

For applocale, allow to run non-unicode app in japanese without change the whole system to japanese, the tutorial is not update to install on win 7+.

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You also need to run the game with applocale, installing the program won't do anything if you don't use it. Basicly seach for applocale in your start menu (or in the explorer if you run Windows 8). If you start it is asks which locale you want to run, select japanese. (it used to be the bot option, as each language is written in it own laguage, so japanese is written in japanese). Next it will ask which file you want to run, select the game intaller, AG3 play/make whatever you want to run.

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