Itazura Real Taiken Ban 悪戯極〜いたずらリアル〜

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I'm having problems with playing this game. The installation went smoothly, and I am able to run it, but when I start a new game, that's where the problems start.

I don't post on this forum often so I don't know exactly how to upload images here. because of that, I'll do my best to describe what happens.

Ok so I start a new game and the opening story scene starts to play. I'm able to right click and everything up until a little bit after the girl, in the blue school uniform and black hair, is shown on the screen. So it gets the point where I'm standing next to her (on her right), and I hear something that sounds like the train stopping. After that sound ends, there is no sound or music playing. the Story text on the screen goes away, and I can no longer right click. It's strange, because the game didn't freeze at all. If you look out the corner of the nearby window, you can see bits of buildings still passing by.

It happens in both window mode and full screen. and I've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it several times. I've even downloaded the file all over again. It's almost as if the game can't transition to the next scene.

well that's my problem.

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I've downloaded the update 1.01 but when I extract it , it says.."corrupted file" there something wrong with the file? and I've putted the menu translator but..nothing is translated..

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Hi there and thanks a lot for all the great work that you do on this website.

I have a little problem with that release... i can't download the game, my torrent client (abc) tells me "Problem connecting to tracker - (10061 - 'Connection refused')

Maybe someone knows how to fix it... and i hope so :)

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I'm having problems with playing this game. The installation went smoothly, and when i go to start the game thats where it start. when i go to start the game the small box appear for the setting and not knowing which one start the game i try all of them but nothing happens. I went and mess around with some things like the location of the files and the combalility but nothing works. what am i doing wrong?

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