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I have to say; Not to be harsh or anything but, I don't know which is worse. The H-Game or the H-Anime. According to your review, the game seemed to be just another Night Shift Nurses. And the anime (which I also saw myself) is just too fucked up. I don't have to explain the anime since you saw it too but, the aftermath (after the 2nd episode credits) made me really angry (I'd tell you why but it will spoil it for those who did not see it yet). Getting back to the game, I also give it a 3 out of 10. Pretty much for the same reasons you have.

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I said 3/5 equals 6/10.

Not very good at math, are we? :(


3/5 obviously means 3 slash 5. Or also either 3 or 5 out of what? Probably 10...

Therefore, averaging it out would make 4/10!

*Is obviously a genius at math*

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Just for curiosities sake I use a star scale method like hotels do. 3 Stars Average and 5 Excellent etc. I head that using a ten point or larger scale leaves more open to interpretation and I tend to agree.

A quick check or o7cbdj's math:

3 / 5 = 0.6

So obviously it is middle of the road in both the 5 point and the 10 point scale if you want to get all technical. :(

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