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Is this Vista Ultimate capable? I'm running it under English version!!... :unsure:

I install on Vista Ultimate without any change on Locale or registry

After install I use the Shadow launcher and no problem found

Note: there is a tool for the game provided by Illusion with separate manual (Hako_Vinete.exe 15 Mb)

Found on the main download section of the product at Illusion site.

I think is a tool for girl's modification, possible character editor.

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Thank you much boss ^_^ I was up late stalking your site looking for this one, glad to see it's made it :unsure:

Keep up the great work mate!

I've been hawking the Illusion site for a while, and while I can't speak the language from what I understand from the visuals the apple itself will dictate the the type of girl you get later on.

Shape, I believe, effects the measurements of the little lady. Color/Ripeness looks to effect the relative age, and so on. This seem right to anyone else?

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For the moment I can say is "FUN"

We are in discovery mode ON and always some surprise (like any new game)

Tips action with camera:

When you are in sex mode,

Move the camera on the back side of the girl (the men take position in back of the girl)

You need to find the correct fruit for every girl,

- If you got an X you win nothing.

- One circle O win

- Double circle win more..

Can't found how the "Hako vinete.exe" (by illusion) work (can't understand windows message in Japan)

It's supposed to be a tool for girls and its work when "memory" is in use.

a "Wiki" is under construction.. (HF sources)

have fun and thx again

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Im playing it right now, new concept is interesting and fun... and CUTE :unsure:

(and would be a lot more fun when lots of translations come out)

this game requires patience (so many things to figure out, like those email stuff that you get), you cant rush everything.

now then, back to gaming

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i figured out all the controls now. i need to learn the fine details. like how to maximize that score you get at the end of the day

also, i had one die on me because she didn't like any of the food that was available :unsure: it was a kitty girl :rolleyes:

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Thanks DM for an other awesome game :unsure:

but anyone can help me if you figure out the controls? in the touching mode i am not able to make the 2 bars move except for when i lift her skirt...any tip to how it work would be very appreciate ;D thx a lot

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to get the bars to move click onteh icon like the petting the head and then in the bottom right there is a box u scroll your mouse wheel in.

blue all the way up she says goodbye.

get red up to where the smiley face shows then get blue all the way special scene happens

get blue up to where smiley shows then red all the way missionay and her sitting on u

get blue low and red all the way standing scene.

so far every post i have read the cat girl in the second set of girls always dies

but if u do well on the first girl and then the pink haired girl u can save them to free mode.

i am also told that the game automatically saves when u leave box and the n u resume where u left off but this is not working for me. if anyone knows why this is not working and can help me i would appreciate it.

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i had one die on me because she didn't like any of the food that was available :unsure: it was a kitty girl :rolleyes:

Oh my god! The posters are true! God DOES kill a Cat-Girl every time you touch yourself! Oh, the horror!

You know, I'm glad I don't follow the news about H-Games, because then I couldn't be so pleasantly surprised when I find something like this on your site, DM. I love all ideas that make you screw your face in confusion and cause you to exclaim aloud, "Wait, what?" so this apple-girl idea is right up my alley.

So...I guess this game is like a sex filled PokeMon. So...FukaMon, perhaps?

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