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Des Blood 2

Another Quite Vague Game Description by White Masq:
Sadly, like the previous Des Blood, they are just a bit too outdated to find any good info on this. However, if it still fits the motif of the previous and future installments: you should expect a law enforcement story involving some classic 3rd-Person perspective puzzle/shooter action, and a dash of 3DCG H-scenes where applicable.

[H-S].Des.Blood.2.CD1.DeathMarine.ace (318.08 MB)
[H-S].Des.Blood.2.CD2.DeathMarine.ace (371.05 MB) (1) (2) (3) (4).jpg

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Sorry, I got this trouble when try to run the game. I used WinXP SP1 for my OS, using japanese regional & language already. Direct X 9.0c, latest dirver for VGA and soundcard. As for the trouble: the game suddenly exited back to windows. I've been trying possible ways like switching resolutions from the highest to the lowest that my monitor can held. Changing OS to win98jpn. But it's still the same. Anyone ever countered the same problem? If yes how to fix this trouble?


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Hmm is this any good?? There aren't any pics :unsure: .


You can find some pics here: DesBlood2Pics

I think this was the first game to use real time 3D graphic for H scenes. It came out in '98 so nobody should except too much from it in this regard. But it has fun game play and an interesting cyberpunk storyline and explains lot of things about the first episode too.

Those who grew up on old PS1 games may find this game nostalgic.

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I'm stuck not far from the beginning of the game because I can't read japanese, manage to get one H-scene though.. it's amazing graphics for its time, really worth checking to my opinion !!

I don't suppose any of you hardcore geeks ever finish the game or know of a walkthough?

I really need to learn me some japanese !! ;)

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