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I'm having this same problem with mounting the disc image.

I tried using WinAce to open up the .iso directly and see if it was a valid .iso file or not. It is, but I can't extract or view the file "『 DES BLOOD4 ~LOST ALONE~

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I've experienced the same problems as everyone and only managed to get passed them twice by doing this :

- the first time out of desperation, I decided to burn the image onto a dvd (the .iso, not the .mds) then I lauched the .msi file from the DVD and it worked. I don't remember if I used applocale or not, it's probably best to use it.

- the second time, I couldn't burn a DVD so after fumbling around and getting all the mentioned error messages I double cliked on the .mds file instead of reaching and mounting it from deamon tools... and it worked. just followed DM's checklist after that.

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