Oppai 2 おっぱいスライダー2

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On Saturday, August 05, 2006 at 1:14 AM, Djevik said:

lol yeah that would be fun, unfortunatly since i cant understand japanese the most i get is taking off her bra with the maid >.<

The nurse is the easiest by far to figure out, to a certain degree.

ILove, try reading ALL the info that Death released in the pack. It has everything you need to know inside.

can you tell me how to wake up the nurse? i can't figure it out, i'm stuck there (always bad end or bang her) plz

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Can someone help me pls

The game runs rly slow (laggy) while playing or editing characters, while in menus game runs just fine

my specs shouldn't be the problem, nor drivers

i tried changing compatibility on launcher but then game just won't run (no black screens, no errors)

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