How To Display File Extensions

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A File Extension is the suffix at the end of a filename, which indicates what kind of file it is. (Some examples of common file extensions - .jpg / .png / .avi / .exe / .nfo / .torrent / .iso)

It is very common for people to have the file extensions turned off, so they will not show up in the files name. This can make it very difficult and confusing when trying to identify file types.

To display file extensions;

[this method works for all Windows Operating Systems including Windows 7]

- Click the "
Start menu
" and select "
Control Panel


- From the Control Pannel folder double click the "
Folder Options
" icon.


- From this window click the "
" tab.


- This will show the files and folder view settings. From the "
Advanced Settings List
" find and
/uncheck "
Hide extensions for known file types

- Click "
" then "
" and your settings will be saved saved!


This setting is system wide, so file extensions will now appear in all folders. They can be hidden again at any time by re-selecting "Hide extensions for known file types".

Tutorial by DizzyAngelDemon.

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