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English Game Launcher with NoDVD Patch included:
[@Home][V1.0][Retail][TheShadow][English].7z (861.65 KB)

English Launcher for "DeskMate"
[Esk Home][V1.0A][TheShadow][English].7z (572.22 KB)

English Installer
_Home_Mate_HF_Patch.7z (25.76 MB)
@Home Mate HF Patch version 4.3 includes:
Official: @Home Mate Clothing Addon by Illusion provided by draedan
English Interface Translation 2.0 by Raiko
English Story Translation 2.0 by unmei220, Senheiz and mynameisnobody Updated!
English Launcher 1.0A by TheShadow
Illusion Subtitle Overlay Mod v0.6.2 by ScumSuckingPig (no subtitles included)
3 Pussies Uncensored Mod 1.1 by profundis (hair is optional)
Male Uncensor by Maliwei777 modded by profundis (unreleased)
PenisPosition 0.5 by radware59 (male member position correction)
MAXSAVEDATA Ver.031 by sifumi (3 save games)
Special/Photo: English Interface Translation 2.0 by Raiko
Special/Photo: English Launcher v1.0 by TheShadow
Special/Photo: Dummy.bmp translation by Raiko
Special/Photo: Uncensor v3.0 by MadMan71 (can't find link a link to this at HF! Please PM me if you can)
Special/Photo: Cel Shading Dogs based on MadMan71 mod by Zanbot (uncensor, adds outline)
Special/Photo: @Homemate Special Trainer by boned (resize tits)

magnet.pngMagnet Link

post-43-019665400 1281540624_thumb.jpg

post-43-035010200 1281540624_thumb.jpg

post-43-088499100 1281540624_thumb.jpg

post-43-007911000 1281540625_thumb.jpg

post-43-047662100 1281540625_thumb.jpg

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first of all I'm running a 2ghz machine which seems to be pushed to the limit. Anyone know the required and recommended specs. Howabout settings to help the weaker computers cope.

I chased the girl down, when I got the hand icon and clicked I went into an encounter mode. A schoolmate type menu pops up that allows both of you to dress down. I got a kiss icon, tit fondle icon, and pussy fondle icon. Worked all three in turn and got her to respond a bit, but thats as far as I've gotton. now I'm looking for clues from the rest of you to advance.

So far looks like it has great potentential. Maybe a mixture of schoomate and ag3.

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Looks fun, but I think I'm going to need to wait for an english mod, because at the moment I can't see alot of the text. Wouldn't make too much difference if it were only the story, but a few of the other things (like the green drop down notifications) are blank for me too. I've got some standard Asian fonts installed and can see text in all the other illusion games, so I'm not entirely sure what the problem is, but even if I could speak Japanese, I don't think I could make out enough to play the game well as is.

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Sorry... I should have said languages. Yes, I have those installed. I'm not in Japanese mode, but I am using Applocale, though, and this setup has worked for me for all the other Illusion games to date. (At least, since I started playing them, which I think was around Sexy Beach 3.)

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Thanx again for another great game DM :shock:

I can play the game without prob, but...

I've downloaded the "Official clothes addon" but there's no "readme"... only an icon lookin like a.... microwave :P

So do i have only to copy\paste that icon in the Homemate data file?

If someone know about it, i'd really appreciate your help :tea:

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Thanks DeathMarine it helped me a lot, double click on the "microwave" worked, but clicking on '' AHM_EX.pp '' Didn't... so i just copy-paste that in the main data folder and it worked :shock: !!!

Thanks again.

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