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Yeah these are the nurses from the series "Night Shift Nurses" Karte and Experiment... It's an updated version of two previous games... great game, though I haven't quite figured out mahjong yet :P

Plus it's animated too!! :P

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Haha, I learned how to play Mahjong only because of 2 reasons: Saki (anime) and my roommate who kept wanting me to learn so I could play with him.

For those that want to learn how to play, you would want to look up Japanese Mahjong or Riichi Mahjong.

Basically, you need to make a hand where your last tile (the 14th) completes your hand. Though there is one special hand where you can win when the game ends in a draw. So your 14 tile hand needs to consist of 4x 3 sets and 1x pair. A set would be 3 tiles that are either identical or form a straight (of the same suit). For your hand to be legitimate, you need to have at least one yaku (link). On that page, you will see different "hands" that give you different amounts of yaku. Basically, the more yaku you have, the more points you will get. You will notice that the "hands" on that page are not full 14 tile hands. This is because you can mix and match to get a higher yaku or just complete the rest of your hand with set(s) and a pair. One example of combining "hands" is satisfying the criteria for both pinfu and iipeikou.

For getting tiles, you can either draw (when it is your turn), "pon" (take a tile from anyone to complete a three of a kind), "kan" (same as pon but for making a four of a kind), or "chi" (taking a tile to complete a 3 tile straight). "Chi" is the only one where you can take from a player from your left, therefore, you can make straights off of anyone at the table. The only exception to this is if it is your winning tile.

The tile that is flipped over on the wall is called the "dora." It indicates the bonus tile (for points) that is 1+ from that tile. So if the dora tile was a 2 of circles, then if you win with a hand that has a 3 of circles, you get +1 yaku for each of the 3 of circles in your winning hand.

Anyways, what I explained are the basics and it is hard to teach this game in a post. I hope this helps someone (get H-scenes) or sparks an interest in Mahjong. Look for a more complete guide to learning Mahjong if you want to get into this. Just make sure you google Japanese or Riichi Mahjong.

By the way, thank you very much for uploading and seeding this game.

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Thank you for the great website. I made an account  to inform you this torrent has a Error downloading.

Invalid torrent Error:unexpected end of file in bencoded string.

torrent shows 0 bytes I have download with 2 web browsers Dragon and Ice Dragon and have the same error if I am missing something I apologize for the trouble thanks.

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