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Applocale only installs on win2003(server) and XP , i use Windows 2000 , so cannot install applocale.

The game wont work even if i change my settings to locale +input locales to japanese ,still get the for japanese window only.

Also wonder if theres a difference between IP and IPVR :rolleyes: , i cant get it to work i guess i just stop seeding it and delete it alltogether

any clues?

Btw i own 90% of all hentai games right now i think lol , at least 90% does work , you rock Deathmarine


Twi thx for your help , but General Help forum or checklist , i always check them before posting and neither worked , thanks anyway , unlike many others i do read forums and attached files etc to the files

I however refuse to update to a lame os as vista or xp due to my not all that positive experiences with it lol , and i know... most of the time games are tested on XP, so sometimes you just encounter a problem for 2k

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You will only get the "For Japanese Windows Only" message if your locale is set to anything other than Japan. Sale of this game is prohibited outside of Japan so that's why you see that. Remember Japanese is the one that looks like this ?????

The fact that you may are reading that error message in English is a *Huge* clue in that your system settings are wrong. After all, why would a computer configured to run in Japan give you an English error message? Think about it.

See General Help forum or checklist for details.

Interact Play is the predecessor to this game.

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Have you installed applocale ? :unsure: .

If not, do it and choose the last language option in the list (that's japanese). Then it should work. :glare:

I have indeed and I get a nifty error telling me the program must now close and asks if I would like to report the error. (when I attempt to run App. on the cd2's auto run and yes its mounted properly.) And I have my regional/language settings down to the clock in Japanese

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