Princess 69 EP01-04 [RAW] [UNCEN] (ENG SUBS AVAILABLE)

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Princess 69 EPISODES 01-04 (新体操(仮) / Shintaisou Kari / Gimnasia artística x)

Princess 69 is based on the game "Rhythmic Gymnastics" (新体操(仮) / Shintaisou-Kari) and is the prequel to "Princess 69 Midnight Gymnastics" (新体操(真)).

PLOT: Intrigued by the hot erotic potential of the Gymnastics of Darkness, the board chairman's daughter Tomomi blackmails her gym teacher Nikusuke into becoming her obedient servant. One by one she lures female classmates of her choosing to the gymnasium for Nikusuke to initiate into the elite Dark Gymnastics team. Here under the darkness of night they are drugged, tied and then forced to under go the most humiliating and excruciating forms of pleasure until their minds and body submit to Nikusuke's unconventional training methods.

[source: DizyAngelDemon]


[hshare.net].Princess.69.EP01-04.[ENG.SUB.FILES].rar (23.96 KB)

新体操(仮) ~妖精たちの輪舞曲~ Lesson1 「淫世界のストレッチング」

新体操(仮) ~妖精たちの輪舞曲~ Lesson2 「レオタードの花園」

新体操(仮) ~妖精たちの輪舞曲~ Lesson3 「ヴァージン輪舞曲」

新体操(仮) ~妖精たちの輪舞曲~ Lesson4 「狂艶乱舞のラストステージ」

post-43-097718600 1283880284_thumb.jpg post-43-069542400 1283880285_thumb.jpg post-43-040235200 1283880286_thumb.jpg post-43-097552600 1283880286_thumb.jpg

post-43-068153200 1283880287_thumb.jpg post-43-020646100 1283880288_thumb.jpg post-43-099274600 1283880288_thumb.jpg post-43-051878400 1283880289_thumb.jpg

Direct Download

[hshare.net].Princess.69.EP01.[uNCEN].avi (210.95 MB)

[hshare.net].Princess.69.EP02.[uNCEN].avi (277.67 MB)

[hshare.net].Princess.69.EP03.[uNCEN].avi (321.57 MB)

[hshare.net].Princess.69.EP04.[uNCEN].avi (391.10 MB)



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Hi, can upload subtitles on another server, because I can't download it from that server. It's same with my friends, they can't download it too. Upload it on RS or somewhere else. It's only 25Kb, thanks.

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and why can't you download it from uploading.com

EDIT Here you are, I uploaded it to easy-share, hope this helps (if not I suggest trying a proxy)

You have reached the daily downloads limit. This happen when I try download it, but I haven't download nothing from this server today, not this year. And it's same with my friends, they can't download it too.

Easyshare works perfect, thanks. :P

I'll be happy if you upload subtitles on easy-share too, it's small size so I think it isn't problem.

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I will post them asap. I am going through right now updating links in order. It shouldn't be much longer before I get to this one. Sorry for the wait. (I'm the only one working on updating these links)

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